"A small composition using sounds from the kitchen. Listen to the sizzling of sausages, the cracking of eggs, and the tone of the microwave; letting your mind wander through the choral of hums."


The inspiration for this piece came to me one more as I was cooking breakfast and mindlessly humming during the process.  After turning the microwave on, I began to notice that I was subconsciously harmonizing to the tone of the microwave.  I quickly pulled out my microphone and started to record what I was doing in the kitchen.  After recording myself cooking for a week, I took all the recordings and handpicked sounds that I thought sounded best and recorded several hums and improvisations based off of what I recorded.  "Little Kitchen Diddy" was a project that started out as a fun recording session and turned into a small piece of music that I hope has the potential to become an album one day.  As a performing artist during the time of COVID, it is easy to forget what it feels like to create a piece of music.  This class was an opportunity to look at "music" in a different way, even if it is just cooking in a kitchen. 

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